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Taking into consideration safety, protection and functionalism:

We manufacture net cages for the fish farming industry. Also, safety and protection nets for athletic and recreational areas and for other activities such as nets for cargo transportation, nets for agriculture, safety nets for construction sites.

We support all our products responsibly, offering after sale services (maintenance and repair).

The specialization and know-how that we hold along with the controlled production processes always result to high end products.

Our consistency and professionalism ensure the genuine satisfaction of our customers.





Modern mechanical equipment. Certified processes of production. Specialized constructions. Dyno tests of all nets. Quality control. Production of high endurance and safety nets.



Net cages designed for the needs of each fish farming unit. Net repairing services. Harvesting nets, anti-predator/bird nets, vaccination bags, landing/dip nets. 


alles-efarmogesProducts designed and manufactured in order to offer protection and functionalism in each area and for any activity. Safety nets for construction sites, nets for playgrounds, nets for sports, protection nets for swimming pools.



CERTCertificate for quality management system according to ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 standardvtupvCertificate for safety nets according to ΕΝ 1263-1:2014



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