Stability, resistance and improved safety through tested solutions

Net Cages

We manufacture net cages of any shape and size. Simple or innovative constructions that ensure functionality, durability in difficult conditions as of those that exist in the sea, as well as stability for total exploitation of their planned volume.

Anti-predator nets / Bird nets

For total protection from any kind of predators. Designed to remain in tension and clean. From H.D.PE with ultra UV stabilization in order to withstand the sun radiation.

Harvesting nets

For proper management of fish populations. Their manufacture is focused on functionality, limitation of the stress of the fish and avoidance of fish injury.

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Landing/dip nets

For harvesting, sorting and fish hatcheries. From durable materials in different sizes according to the requirements of each unit.

Vaccination bags

Functional and durable. For vaccination and antiparasitic therapy. In various shapes. Designed in consultation with the staff of the ichthyopathological support of the units.

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