• Playground nets
  • Nets for swimming pools
  • Nets for construction sites and buildings
  • Nets for indoor spaces

Safety nets are used to protect people in a falling incident. They are installed on construction sites and generally works that are done at height. These nets offer the security that is needed to allow employees work comfortably and safely.

HelNet s.a. is the first Greek company that is certified to build safety nets for protection from falls according to the International standard EN 1263-1 ("Safety nets – Part 1 : Safety requirements , test methods"). The construction of these nets complies with the standard specifications for breaking strength and energy absorption.

Nets for playgrounds must follow certain standards for both their dimensions and mechanical properties (mesh size of the net – resistance) and also the characteristics of their composition (flame retardancy -migration of heavy metals). HelNet s.a. provides its clients with the appropriate certified net based on the ELOT EN 71.01-03 standard. (Safety of toys).

HelNet s.a. also manufactures protection nets for swimming pools. By selecting the most suitable raw material of the net and synthesizing the construction that is required in order to meet the needs and particularities of each space.